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Who doesn’t love a great hug? Research shows that hugging is effective at healing disease, sickness, loneliness, anxiety, depression and stress. Hugging can decrease physical pain and help with healing. It can also improve cardiovascular health. But did you know that there are different types of hugs? This article will outline the 7 types of […]

Many men struggle with dating after divorce (even more than women). Many of my male clients claim they never saw it coming as they were busy providing for their family and were under the impression that they were giving their wife what they desired. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, they were completely blind-sided with the […]

February is a difficult time of the year for those who aren’t in a relationship. No matter how happy you are, being single on Valentine’s Day can make you doubt yourself. For those who have recently broken up or who are actively looking for love, it is even harder. The trick is to find ways […]

When does waiting for the right moment ever really work out in life? You know that saying, when the time is right, you’ll meet the one? When has just waiting around for the perfect person to simply walk into your life ever actually panned out (outside of the movies)?  If you want to excel in your career, […]

Having trouble getting past a recent relationship? Here are some tips on how to stop thinking about your ex. 1. Use the dog-and-vomit analogy (This sounds silly, but it works! Hypnotherapists use this technique to help smokers quit. They associate whatever makes the person gag and grosses them out to cigarettes. ) Whenever you start […]

How long should a first date last? No more than 1-2 hours. I recommend a cocktail or two and possibly light appetizers; NEVER dinner for the first date. Why? You can’t create chemistry with a dinner table between the two of you. At a bar, you can lean in to hear each other, brush each […]

Summer is here! Where do you meet other singles? Summer is here! Where do you meet other singles? It is way more fun to meet other singles doing activities or sports you enjoy. It’s a fantastic way to directly meet other singles, and new friends, who have similar interests. You’re also able to determine if […]

Valentine’s Day is a night to celebrate love for couples. Make sure to plan it out and keep the conversation light by tabling kid or finance troubles, criticisms of each other, etc. for the evening. Remember that the date you celebrate doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day. You’ll get better service on another night […]

Here are some first date tips for women. 1. Planning the date: Gentleman should take charge of planning the date but, if he asks for ideas, speak freely. Likewise, if he picks a venue that you don’t like, tell him.EXAMPLE: If he plans to take you to a sushi Restaurant and you hate fish, the […]

Here are some first date tips for men. 1. Plan the date: Pick a location that is comfortable and conducive to conversation. If you’re uncomfortable with staring at each other across the table, then pick something that is interactive. Mini-golf, hiking, a driving range, art galleries etc. are all great interactive first date ideas. 2. […]