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How long should a first date last? No more than 1-2 hours. I recommend a cocktail or two and possibly light appetizers; NEVER dinner for the first date. Why? You can’t create chemistry with a dinner table between the two of you. At a bar, you can lean in to hear each other, brush each other’s shoulders, and touch each other’s arms without feeling like you are invading the other person’s space.  It’s important to have some level of physical contact to feel chemistry.

If drinks aren’t your thing, you could go for a walk, a hike, biking, to a wine or beer tasting, a festival, or another fun event. Activity dates help prevent those uncomfortable silences by inspiring conversation about the activity.

How do you finesse the exit from your date?  Regardless of how well the date is going, cut it off at 2 hours or so. By not dragging the date on for hours, you keep the spark and wonderment alive.  A little mystery is sexy and fun, so leave topics for the next date! If you like the person, give them a little hug and kiss goodnight!

What if you want to see your date again?  If you like each other, say it. There is no 3-day rule. That is silly and people know you are playing games if you incorporate this ridiculous practice into your dating life. After your date say, “I had a great time. Let’s do it again soon!”.  Also, guys, when you get home, text the lady, “Did you get home safely?”. Women love this! When she responds, reply, “I had so much fun getting to know you. Let’s get together again soon.” However, do not lock down plans that night. Keep the mystery alive by keeping her guessing a little. Then contact her within a day or two to plan another date.

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