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Many men struggle with dating after divorce (even more than women). Many of my male clients claim they never saw it coming as they were busy providing for their family and were under the impression that they were giving their wife what they desired. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, they were completely blind-sided with the […]

If you thought dating during Covid was bad, get ready for 2021. It will be a whole new world for singles. Gone are the days of worrying if you are going to be stood up or if another hottie is going to steal your guy or girl. Now people are sabotaging themselves all on their own […]

Here are a few questions to ask before marriage. These questions also apply to those who are thinking about getting into a serious long term relationship with someone. Ready for a Consultation? Click here to schedule today! Ask me any questions you might have about dating and relationships. Kristi Price

Cougars and their cubs. In an age where older women are more beautiful, self confident, and career driven than ever, they are choosing younger men for companionship and perhaps a more, energetic, fulfilling sex life. I think it’s wonderful that the tables have turned and women have the same opportunities as men do in terms […]