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Who doesn’t love a great hug? Research shows that hugging is effective at healing disease, sickness, loneliness, anxiety, depression and stress. Hugging can decrease physical pain and help with healing. It can also improve cardiovascular health. But did you know that there are different types of hugs? This article will outline the 7 types of […]

How you respond to others determines your depth of conversation and connection. If you want your partner, business associate, or date to be honest, vulnerable, and direct with you, you must respond correctly. What does that mean? You have to show interest, be present, and have the skills to keep others open and sharing. Often, the […]

Do you know how to be interesting? Think of the most interesting and engaging people you know. What is it that they do or say that makes them so fun to be with? What do they talk about?  Almost all interesting people are good listeners. They have a way of making you feel like you […]

Do both you and your partner feel loved and appreciated in your relationship? What is your love language? If you are unsure, it’s time to have a conversation about your love language. There are 5 love languages according to the book, The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman. The different love languages include words of […]

Are you dating a bully? Bullies come in all sizes, shapes and ages and YES, you may be dating one. Some people never grow out of their learned behaviors and even scarier may develop adult bullying tendencies. How do you know? Does your partner have temper tantrums when they don’t get their way or are […]

Ghosting 101. Have you ever ghosted someone you’ve been dating? If you have, shame on you. If you don’t have enough kindness and character to tell someone that you don’t want to see her/him anymore, then you shouldn’t be dating. You should spend your money on therapy and work on yourself first. For those of […]

The most high volume months for holiday break-ups are November, December and the beginning of February. Why? There is a lot of pressure from family, gift giving and overall re-evaluation of one’s relationship. A holiday breakup can be so devastating because of the time off and the unavoidable questions surrounding the breakup. Don’t ignore your […]

When do you have sex when dating? I get asked this question every week, and there are no rules about this but there are recommendations. If you want to connect with a person and see where things go for a long-term relationship, it is best to wait until you know each other enough to communicate […]

Here are a few questions to ask before marriage. These questions also apply to those who are thinking about getting into a serious long term relationship with someone. Ready for a Consultation? Click here to schedule today! Ask me any questions you might have about dating and relationships. Kristi Price

How to spot red flags when dating: The second scenario is a partner who feels needed by constantly fulfilling your needs at nauseam. This style is all about you. They dote on you every moment, they want to take care of you and coddle you like you aren’t self sufficient, they buy things and/or are constantly […]