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I love love and I want everyone to have it, but that doesn’t mean that you should be chasing it 24/7. No way! Taking a break from the dating scene is sometimes the best thing you can do for your romantic life. There are so many reasons why a detox from dating could make sense […]

I hear it all the time “I can’t find a man because I intimidate men.” Believe me, I know this because I used to say it until I realized that all men, including successful, powerful business men and Alpha males, aren’t all intimidated by me. Was I perhaps making excuses for actually pushing men away? […]

Cougars and their cubs. In an age where older women are more beautiful, self confident, and career driven than ever, they are choosing younger men for companionship and perhaps a more, energetic, fulfilling sex life. I think it’s wonderful that the tables have turned and women have the same opportunities as men do in terms […]

Here are some first date tips for women. 1. Planning the date: Gentleman should take charge of planning the date but, if he asks for ideas, speak freely. Likewise, if he picks a venue that you don’t like, tell him.EXAMPLE: If he plans to take you to a sushi Restaurant and you hate fish, the […]