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Who doesn’t love a great hug?

Research shows that hugging is effective at healing disease, sickness, loneliness, anxiety, depression and stress. Hugging can decrease physical pain and help with healing. It can also improve cardiovascular health. But did you know that there are different types of hugs? This article will outline the 7 types of hugs and their health benefits.

If you hug another person for 20 seconds or more, oxytocin (the “feel good” hormone) is released and can also affect our endogenous opioid system. Hugging builds trust, a sense of safety, and creates a stronger bond between two people, and guess what? Hugging yourself may even be beneficial. Longer hugs, as well as more hugs, throughout your day can even help with depression and create mental stability. Hugs are so important that there are even professional cuddlers/huggers out there to help. Just be sure to check the reviews on them.

What are the 7 types of of hugs?

  1. The heart to heart hug is the most common. Chests are close and heads are over each other’s shoulders.
  2. A side hug is just like it sounds. You are side by side with one arm around each other. This hug is usually for encouragement between people. If you go in from the right side, it’s more comforting. If you go in from the left side, your hearts touch first which can feel more intimate and close.
  3. A friend hug is a two-armed hug where people’s chests are touching. The pelvises are not touching so it doesn’t cross that friend zone.
  4. Hugging around the waist facing the same direction is just what it sounds like. This is usually between couples and is more intimate. It creates a closer bond.
  5. Hugging from behind is when the chest of one person is against the back of the other person with the arms wrapped around them. 
  6. A one-sided hug is where one person is hugging the other from the side which is a supportive hug. The other person has their hands down or is holding the hands of the hugger. It allows the person hugged to just be able to receive.
  7. Bear hugs are usually longer than regular hugs. One person may even be lying on the other. This hug makes people feel secure, loved and comforted.

Whatever your style is…hug, hug, hug! Experiment with different styles and learn what you like, what your friends and family like, as well as your romantic partner. Smiles and hugs are free and endless. Don’t forget to use them. 

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