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February is a difficult time of the year for those who aren’t in a relationship. No matter how happy you are, being single on Valentine’s Day can make you doubt yourself. For those who have recently broken up or who are actively looking for love, it is even harder. The trick is to find ways to enjoy the day. Here are 10 ideas on how to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single person without spending a fortune.

Give Yourself a Gift

Just because you are not in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t get something nice. Pick out something you’ve wanted for a while, whether it be a new smartphone or something new for your home, and gift it to yourself. 

Looking to give your lifestyle an upgrade? Consider enrolling in an online degree program to give your career a boost. Online learning is typically more affordable than in-person education, and there are many degrees available whether you want to build your knowledge in business, information technology, nursing, or more. 

Treat Yourself to a Pampering

There’s no better way to forget about your troubles than to check in at a day spa and let someone massage, exfoliate, and steam them away. Treat yourself to a pampering day, either solo or with some friends, and you’ll soon find it hard to worry much about anything else. You can look for great deals on sites like Groupon. 

Go on a Mini-Break

The complete anonymity and freedom of solo travel can be a welcome relief from the pressure to be in a relationship during this time of the year. Just avoid the ultra-romantic spots and head for somewhere you’ve always wanted to go — this list of great anti-Valentine’s destinations can help you get inspired.

Order a Nice Meal

If you live in a city where restaurant delivery is common, you can get all the culinary pleasure of a tasty meal without any of the “eating alone at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day” stigma. What’s more, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from these days.

Or Cook One

If that’s not an option for you, or if you simply enjoy cooking, it can be fun to make a gourmet meal for one. Look up a nice new recipe, shop for ingredients, set a table with some music you like, and enjoy a sit-down meal by yourself. Alternatively, you can whip up some comfort food and eat it on the couch — whatever floats your boat. 

Have a Social Media Detox

Valentine’s Day on social media can be rough for singles. Turn off your phone, block all social media on your laptop, and disconnect from it all for the next day or so. If you’re interested in really investing in your mental health, consider a full-on detox over several months.

Spend It with Your Friends

Bring together your single friends and make a day out of celebrating your friendship together. This article has some fun suggestions, but the idea is to just do whatever you like. Check out the latest exhibit, go to that restaurant you all love, have a sleepover, or challenge yourselves to that fitness class you’ve been talking about.  

Go on an Anti-Valentine’s Night

The idea of an “Anti-Valentine’s” night is to hang out and make friends rather than look for a potential date. This can remove the pressure to “find someone” which can be a relief. 

Have a Movie Marathon

What better way to keep you distracted for several hours than to throw yourself into a movie binge? You can either go all in with your favorite selection of romantic films or opt for quirky, funny, and inspirational alternatives like these suggestions from ScreenRant.

Or Start a New Series

We live in the golden age of streaming, where hundreds of hours of high-quality television are available at the touch of a button. Start one of those shows you’ve been putting off for months or, if you’re lacking inspiration, check out this list of the best shows on Netflix right now.

Whatever you do, don’t let the day make you feel bad for being single on Valentine’s Day. You are better off by yourself than in a relationship that doesn’t work, and it’s okay to take some time to be with yourself. If anything, you have an advantage over people in relationships: Valentine’s Day can be as little or as small as you want it to be, and you are fully in control of your day. 

Or if you just want to take a break from dating, that’s okay too! Check out my other blog, 6 Ways to Detox from Dating.