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Practice Dating

Are you having trouble getting to the second date? Have you been out of the dating scene for a while and need some practice? Don’t blow it with someone you really want to get to know. Let us send you on a practice date and give you constructive feedback. You can step up your game and find more success while dating. We offer practice dating so that you can have fun and get the most out of every date you go on.

What Is Practice Dating?

When you seek these services, you will go on a pretend date with one of our staff members. This service is available both virtually and in person. During this “date”, a member of our team will be role-playing as if they were your date. During this interaction, you will do everything you would on a traditional date. This way, Kristi will get an understanding of how you perform on dates and be able to offer helpful advice. You will showcase your best conversation starters, ask for a second date, practice etiquette, and even get a little flirty. Then, our dating coach can offer valuable feedback that will allow you to step up your dating game.

This is the process of dating people you may not particularly be interested in simply to nail down your technique. It’s important to establish boundaries and be honest with the person you’re dating for practice purposes. We will connect you with one of our awesome staff members for a fun, non-judgmental practice date. Following your date, Kristi is available to hear your feedback as well as offer advice to improve your skills.

This service offers people entering or re-entering the dating world a wealth of information and unbiased feedback that can help them take their skills to the next level. Practice dating has the potential to drastically increase your success when it comes to finding success while dating.


What Aspects Of My Practice Date Will I Get Feedback On?

Following your mock date, you will be provided in-depth feedback and advice to help you better your strategy. This feedback is based on a variety of factors that contribute to the success of your dates. For starters, we will evaluate your body language. Did you make eye contact? Were you sitting up straight? Were you fidgeting with anything? In many cases, body language can speak louder than words and poor body language has the potential to hold you back from securing a second date.

Another factor that can drastically contribute to your success rate when it comes to dating is conversation skills. Were there many periods of awkward silence? Did you let your date get a word in? Did you ask about their lives instead of just rambling on about your own? Being able to hold a meaningful conversation plays a major part in establishing a connection during the first date and has the potential to create grounds for a healthy, loving relationship.

Although seemingly superficial, appearance also plays a major role in dating. If you show up for a date looking unkempt, chances are you won’t be seeing that person again. It’s important to make sure you look put-together, clean, and like you put some effort into showing up for your date. If you show up with messy hair, dirty fingernails, poor-fitting clothing, etc., your date is going to think, “if they don’t care about themselves, how are they going to care about me?”

Flirtation also plays a major role in whether or not you make it to the second date. Did you flirt enough? Were you overbearing? Were your attempts at flirting cringe-worthy? Following your practice date, we will be able to help you improve upon your flirting skills in a way that shows your date you’re interested, but doesn’t scare them away.




Who Can Benefit From Practice Dating?

Mock dating has proven to be helpful in finding more success while dating for a wide variety of people. For starters, if you are lacking confidence, a mock date may be right for you. Practice dating is extremely beneficial in taking the pressure off of dating and allowing your personality to shine through. Doing so will allow you to establish confidence-building strategies that can be applied to your real dates and other life situations.

Divorcees can also benefit from practice dating. Oftentimes, individuals who have recently left a marriage feel as if they won’t know how to interact romantically with anyone that isn’t their ex. However, practice dating is a great exercise to warm divorcees up to meeting new people in a romantic setting. Mock dating can help establish a fun, light-hearted way to get back into the dating scene after divorce.

Practice dating can also be beneficial for those who are re-entering the dating world for any reason. Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent, or simply haven’t felt the desire to date, mock dating is a great way to break the ice and get back into the swing of things. Whether you haven’t dated in 1 year or 20, practice dating can be an extremely useful tool to find success.


How Does Practice Dating Work?

Practice dating is an extremely versatile service offered by KP Matchmaking to offer real-time feedback that will help you find more success while dating. Much like the other services we offer, it is extremely personalized and is easily catered to your exact wants and needs.

Based on how you prefer to date, practice dating services are offered both in person and online. Although these services are most beneficial in person so that Kristi can get a more accurate read of your true dating skills, they can also be conducted through video chat or virtual messaging. The platform you choose depends solely on how you prefer to date.

Once we establish where and when your date will take place, it’s time for the real fun. You will meet with one of our staff, a past client, or someone else looking to practice date and then the fun can begin! No matter who you choose to date for practice, our date coach will be available to listen so that she can provide the most accurate feedback possible. This process can be completed as many times as you think will be necessary to improve your dating skills in real-life scenarios.



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Practice dating can be extremely beneficial when it comes to performing well when going on dates.

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