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Dating Coaching

Kristi D. Price is a successful dating coach. She helps her clients find success when it comes to landing that second date and ultimately finding love. Being a dating coach for over 15 years, Kristi has truly mastered the art of preparing clients for entering the dating world and offering valuable advice that will allow them to overcome any bumps along the road to true love. Kristi’s approach is highly personalized and interactive.

What Is Dating Coaching?

Dating coaching is the process of working with someone who can offer you personalized advice to improve your success rate when it comes to dating. Kristi will be by your side throughout every step of your dating journey to provide pointers, offer feedback, and answer any questions you may have. At KP Matchmaking, we support singles navigating the ever-changing dating scene.

We will offer a wide range of strategies and techniques that will help you optimize your romantic life and help find the love of your life. Although dating coaches all have different approaches, Kristi will create a personalized plan to cater to your needs and goals, putting your happiness and well-being at the forefront.

For many singles, this process is transformative when it comes to their outlook on dating. Kristi allows the process to be a fun, “learn as you go” type of environment that is perfect for those who have been discouraged by dating in the past. Kristi is skilled at recognizing where you are falling flat while on dates and helping you align your dating style with the type of people you’re looking to attract.


What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits of working with us. For starters, we can help you identify what you truly want in a partner. Based on your feedback, Kristi can determine whether you really want what you think you want. Maybe trying something new is exactly what you need and we can give you that little push!

Dating coaching is also a valuable tool when it comes to making a good first impression. When it comes to dating, first impressions are everything. If you immediately turn your date off in the first few minutes, you’re going to have a hard time bouncing back. With the combination of image consulting, dating etiquette, and more, we can help you seamlessly create a grade A first impression!

Do you struggle to foster meaningful connections when dating online? We can help you master the art of online dating! From formulating the perfect profile, to successfully making the first move, we have your back! Dating online has become increasingly popular for its convenience, but it is completely different from traditional dating. We can help you get the matches rolling in and turning into face-to-face dates!

KP Matchmaking offers confidence-building exercises that can be life-changing when it comes to finding success while dating. We can help you become the best version of yourself so you can own every room you enter and ensure your date will want to see you again. Confidence will allow you to build attraction between you and your date and foster an enthusiastic attitude around dating.


How Do I Know If I Need A Matchmaker Or A Dating Coach?

Dating has proven to be increasingly difficult nowadays. However, it doesn’t have to be. With the help of Kristi, you can land more second dates than ever and enjoy each one. But, how do you know if you need a dating coach, a matchmaker, or both? We offer dating coaching and matchmaking, available either separately or as a package deal.

When you’re seeking a dating coach, you may be struggling to connect with other singles or land the second date. Possibly you are choosing men or women you would like to see and go on dates with, but these dates aren’t going as well as you had hoped. When you work with us, we are available to help you brush up on your dating skills, offer dating advice, and ultimately assist in making your dates successful. With the help of Kristi, you will land more second dates and maybe even find the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

Those who seek our services may perform well on dates, but struggle to find people they want to spend time dating. That’s where we come in. We seek potential love interests for clients by searching our expansive database, scouting at singles events, and more. After finding a seemingly compatible match, you will be sent their profile and choose whether or not you’d like to meet them. If so, we will arrange the date and you can take it from there. Dating coaching is included with our matchmaking services to help support you in any way you may need during the dating process.


What Does The Dating Coaching Process Involve?

We ensure the process will be as fun and light-hearted as possible. Before any advice is given, Kristi will conduct an in-depth interview to gain an understanding of why you have struggled with dating in the past, what your relationship goals are, your lifestyle, the type of people you’re interested in, and much more. By doing so, she can gain a clearer understanding of where you may have room for improvements and how you can work towards making those improvements together.

Next, we will formulate a comprehensive plan to get you landing those second dates. There are a wide variety of ways to approach dating coaching, but Kristi will take into consideration how you learn best, what is or isn’t in your comfort zone, as well as techniques that may have or have not worked for you in the past. The goal is to cater the process to you, that way you can take away as much as you possibly can from the experience and apply it to real-life dating scenarios.

Your coach will discuss conversation starters, date ideas, how to go in for the first kiss, how to follow up after a date, and much more. Not to mention, our date coach will be waiting to hear about your dates and ready to offer advice on how to make the next one even better. Let’s be honest, the modern dating scene has become increasingly challenging, it’s nice to have someone in your corner to offer unbiased support.


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