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Dating Profile Photographer

When you seek our photography services, we will create a photoshoot experience you will love. Together we will create a picture storyboard to reveal what makes you unique and capture your authentic energy and personality. Through your photos, you will stand out from the crowd to help receive the best response rate when online dating. The entire process is fun and effortless! Our photographer is skilled at providing beautiful photos that will serve as a major asset to your online dating profile.

What Is Online Dating Photography And Why Is It Important?

Are you striking out with connecting and meeting other singles through online dating apps? Dating apps have created a game of making an instant yes or no decision based solely on a photo. Have you heard of the saying, “a picture is worth 1,000 words?” This is spot on when it comes to online dating. Your photos are either making or breaking your online dating success.

Our photographer will help you create a profile that will receive the best response rate from other like-minded singles online. Dating photography is different from normal photography because it’s not as “staged” and creates a visual storytelling experience for the viewer.

When dating online, most people are not going to read your profile before they decide to swipe left or right. Because of this, your photos have to be engaging, stand out, and tell your story for you to receive responses from the type of people you’re interested in. Your photos need to represent who you are and give potential matches a glimpse of your personality. To capture the attention of possible love interests, your photos will need to leave viewers wanting to know more about you. If you can capture their attention with your photos, they may move on to read your profile! When you are creating your online dating profile, it’s important to be creative and offer a true representation of yourself.

Why Should I Choose KP Matchmaking For Online Dating Photography?

Our photographers will reveal your energy and personality through fun, engaging photoshoots. We guide you through the entire process from choosing outfits to picking out a “natural” location that will make you feel confident and at ease. Our clients’ response rate when they use our photos for online dating increases dramatically. Many past clients have reported a major increase in online dating hits just one day after receiving their photos.

Our photographers will devote whatever time it takes to get to know you and what you’re looking for in a partner. That way, they can capture the perfect photo that will attract your ideal matches. We will ensure your photos are flattering, depict the real you, and are destined to get the matches rolling in. Our photographers are not only experienced behind the camera, but they have a thorough understanding of everything that goes into capturing a well-performing online dating profile photo. They acknowledge that there is a fine line between a put-together photo and an over-edited photo and have mastered the art of finding the perfect balance.

When it comes to upping your online dating game, we not only have amazing photographers on our team, but we also have image consultants and profile writers. The combination of these services has proven to be game-changing when finding success dating online. Our photographers will work collaboratively with our matchmaker and image consultants to capture an accurate representation of who you truly are.

What Does The Process Involve?

When it comes to online dating photoshoots, we come prepared with a list of questions that will help our team understand what makes you unique, as well as the activities and hobbies you enjoy. We also want to know the style of individuals who you’d like to attract and date. Once we design a picture storyboard for you, we’ll make sure you’re dressed for success. We will help you organize your closet and find the perfect outfits for your shoot. Do you need to update your style and shop for some new outfits for your photoshoot? We’ve got you covered. Our personal shoppers will help you shop and pick out the perfect clothing to accentuate your style.

Once we create your storyboard and have your clothing picked out for the photoshoot, you will meet one of our photographers who will capture your energy and personality. Even if you aren’t a fan of being in front of the camera, our photographer will make the process fun. Your photoshoot will last approximately 30-45 minutes and include 2 outfit changes. Then, our photographers will review your photos in the following days and send over some options for you to pick from. Once you choose which photos you feel accurately represent you, slight edits can be made if desired. You will receive your final photos within a week or so. Then, you’re ready to start slaying the online dating game!

We will guide you through the entire online dating photoshoot process. We will coach you on how to radiate confidence and most of all, have fun. Our photographer will capture all of your best features so you’ll look like a natural model. Our photos are certain to be high quality and eye-catching.


How Often Should I Update My Profile Photos?

One of the scariest things when dating online is crossing paths with people who don’t look like their profile photos or who are pretending to be someone they aren’t. This is called “catfishing” and is defined as “the process of luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.” Today, people dating online are more cautious of catfishing than ever before. Some of the signs of catfishing include highly-edited photos, lack of photos, or outdated photos.

In order to avoid being passed off as a catfish, or accidentally catfishing someone, it’s important that your profile photos remain up to date. As a rule of thumb, you should update your profile photo at least every two years. However, you should also be sure to change it every time you undergo an extreme physical change, including a new hairstyle, weight loss or gain, facial hair, aging, piercings, tattoos, etc. If you show up for a date and look like a different version of yourself, your date is going to immediately form a negative connotation.

Constantly updating your online dating profile picture has many benefits when it comes to drawing in potential matches. For starters, it keeps your profile fresh. It is believed that online dating platforms have an algorithm that recognizes new profile photos and shows your profile to more people. Keeping your online dating profile current will attract more engagement and ultimately up your chances of finding the love of your life.


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Professional online dating photography has helped many singles find success on dating sites. If you’re ready to find the one, our photographer can help you.

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