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KP Matchmaking FAQs

At KP Matchmaking, we understand how difficult it can be to decide to seek help finding love. Not to mention, dating can be extremely intimidating when you aren’t sure exactly what to expect. We have made it our mission to maintain the highest level of transparency between our clients, both current and potential, by providing answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What Happens Before I’m Matched?

We are devoted to connecting with all of our clients on a personal level before we begin sending matches your way. You will work directly with Kristi D. Price from start to finish. During your initial consultation, Kristi will interview you to gain an understanding of who you are, as well as what you’re looking for in a life partner. She will ask you questions about your value systems, life goals, views on children, political and religious ideals, interests, hobbies, lifestyle, relationship goals, and more. She will learn what you are looking for in a partner in terms of ideal qualities, ambitions, goals, morals, and personality type.

Once Kristi has a good feel for who you are and the type of person you want to meet, she will present you with profiles of qualified singles, seeking feedback on who you are interested in meeting and why. This gives her a clear understanding of your ideal match and what factors carry the most weight in your dating decisions. Next, we start discussing your appearance and style as it relates to dating. You will be asked to send photos of outfits you would wear on a date. If you feel that you are in need of a wardrobe upgrade, we will connect you with our style consultant who will evaluate and recommend some updated style ideas. They may even suggest a shopping trip, making the process easy and fun!

Once we have your wardrobe picked out, we will schedule a professional photoshoot with one of our fantastic photographers. Camera shy? No worries. The process only takes 30-45 minutes, tops. We choose natural surroundings so you feel at ease and your true self can be captured - no stuffy, indoor backdrops! Once the final photos have been chosen and edited, the matchmaking begins!

What Does The Process Involve?

Following your photoshoot, it takes about a week to set your profile up for success. Once this is complete, we will begin searching for matches. From this point on, we will send you qualified candidates who have been screened and meet your criteria. Even better, they already want to meet you! You will be presented with your match’s profile, including photos!

If you decide you’re interested in meeting them, we will coordinate your schedules and set up the date. Once the date is set, we do a text introduction confirming all the details. You will also have your match’s number in case an emergency arises or you are running a little late. Following the date, you and your potential match will fill out a date feedback form regarding the success of the date and how well you clicked. This feedback is key to streamlining the process and getting you closer to finding the one!

How Do We Gauge Success?

For over 15 years, our policy has been that our job is not complete until all clients are satisfied by their experience. Our success is determined by our clients finding happy, healthy relationships. 92% of our clients end up happily married or in a long-term, loving relationship. Once you have found the one, we encourage you to keep in contact with us, as we love maintaining relationships with clients and being available to offer any support necessary.

How Often Will I Go On Dates?

We strive to always provide quality matches that are aligned with your criteria, preferences, and goals. You will receive an average of 1-2 matches per month. Due to travel schedules and events beyond our control, this is not guaranteed. However, it is our goal. Above all, the importance lies in the quality of the matches we present to you. Dating is not a numbers game, as it is in online dating. We focuse on quality over quantity, introducing you to individuals who are already aligned with your values and desires for a higher chance of a successful match.

Where Do You Find Matches For Your Clients?

Unlike many others, our dating service is constantly recruiting new, available candidates for our clients. We currently have an enormous database, but we never stop recruiting and bringing in fresh faces. A large database is essential to great matchmaking, and continuing to interview new singles to add to our database, if they meet our standards, is crucial to finding our clients their perfect match. We also have recruiters who are constantly on the lookout at social events, daily life settings, and social media platforms.


What Types Of Dates Will I Go On?

Depending on our clients’ style and comfort level, we set up many different types of dates. Most of our clients like to meet for a cocktail or brunch. Other options include coffee and a walk, a casual lunch, a fancy dinner, outdoor picnics, sporting events, sightseeing and adventure dates, and more. We like to keep the dates active so the atmosphere is light-hearted and fun. The type of dates you go on depends solely on your personal preference and we are open to helping you plan the perfect one!

What Types Of Memberships Do You Offer?

Our packages include an initial video or in person consultation, ongoing life and dating coaching, a professional photoshoot, and introductions to individuals who are fully interviewed and vetted to ensure they are a good match. We offer 6-month and 12-month agreements. We offer coaching packages on a monthly basis.

How Strict Is Your Client Privacy Policy?

Our services are strictly confidential. We have a secure database that ensures all sensitive information is protected. Many times our clients are high-profile individuals and come to us because they don’t want their personal information easily accessible to the public. Kristi D. Price has a background in handling sensitive information and fully understands the importance of confidentiality. Other than your matches and who you choose to tell, nobody will know that you are working with us.


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At KP Matchmaking, we hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to maintaining an open line of communication with our clients.

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