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Meet Matchmaker Kristi D. Price From KP Matchmaking

Kristi D. Price has been helping singles find love for over 15 years. Thanks to a profound passion for creating genuine connections, Kristi has perfected the matchmaking strategy, allowing her clients to have fun while finding the one. Singles seeking assistance when it comes to dating or simply fine-tuning their dating game have sought Kristi’s services for her one-on-one approach and high success rate.

Who Is Kristi D. Price?

Kristi D. Price is a certified matchmaker, as well as a dating, life, and success mindset coach. She has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their dreams and find happiness. Through her past experiences as a wealth manager, coach, and nationally acclaimed equestrian trainer, Kristi’s compassionate and fun approach has consistently helped her clientele establish and reach their goals. She has been a connector and coach in many capacities, but her passion lies in KP Matchmaking. She loves helping her clients find a healthy, loving relationship with the person of their dreams.

Kristi uses her life experiences, unique matchmaking process, and skilled intuition to find success for her clients. Introducing hundreds of retirees and busy professionals to their perfect partner. She understands the frustration of being single and dating. After all, that’s why she started KP Matchmaking, to help others avoid the mistakes she made following her divorce and create a fun, positive, and healthy dating experience.

Although dating after divorce is what inspired her to start KP matchmaking, she also works with many young professionals. The modern dating world has created an environment where it is hard to connect on a genuine level with other singles. Many people dating online aren’t who they portray themselves to be. Even though there are more dating apps than ever, it’s hard to meet others on a deep, emotional level. Finding a compatible partner is a relevant struggle for all generations.


How Does Kristi D. Price Have Such A High Success Rate?

Throughout her years as a matchmaker, Kristi has achieved a jaw-dropping success rate of 92%. One of her biggest strategies for success begins with communication. Kristi prides herself on the time she devotes to getting to know her clients and what makes them unique, allowing her to gain a clear understanding of who may be a good fit.

Kristi works with active, positive-minded singles she can connect with and relate to. By doing so, she can attain a clearer understanding of the kinds of people they may click with. Kristi states, “If I can’t relate to my clients, know who they are from the inside-out, and don’t thoroughly understand their needs and what they are looking for in a partner, I can’t do my job well.” For this reason, Kristi pays great attention to detail during your initial consultation. She values feedback and open communication greatly, which allows for seamless collaboration when searching for “the one.”

Kristi also specializes in dating coaching. Some people may not even realize that they are their own worst enemy when it comes to finding love. Many single individuals fall victim to trust issues, closed-mindedness, and overall coarseness, shielding themselves from opening their hearts to the right person. Through her extensive coaching experience, Kristi recognizes that attitude and mindset are at the forefront of finding love. If you don’t love yourself, how could you possibly love someone else?

Kristi strives to help clients create a life they love and realize their personal power and self-worth. She works with her clients to build their confidence, teach healthy communication skills, learn to deal effectively with conflict, face the fear of rejection, master the art of attraction, heal from past relationships and embrace their individuality. She recognizes each client is different and works to create a customized coaching plan to help each client she meets reach their dreams and ultimately find everlasting love.


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How Is Kristi D. Price Different From Others?

Kristi has a fiery passion for helping her clients find authentic, unadulterated love and happiness. Her clients often describe her as a person of honesty and integrity. She is kind, compassionate, intuitive, and has what past clients have referred to as “a gift” for helping others. She has devoted her life to matchmaking and looks forward to meeting and working with every client she meets.

Oftentimes, matchmakers will pass clients off to people within the organization who don’t know or understand them. Unlike others, Kristi has a profound dedication to truly understanding every client, giving each individual her absolute best effort when it comes to finding the loves of their lives. Kristi works directly with each client from the beginning and throughout the entire matchmaking process.

Kristi deeply values human connection. That being said, she won’t disappear once you find your ideal match. Rather, she is just a phone call away to offer advice when it comes to keeping a positive mindset, lifestyle, and relationship as your connection deepens. Kristi offers compassionate and unbiased opinions to help you and your partner overcome any obstacles that may lie ahead.


Why Did Kristi Start Matchmaking?

Kristi became a matchmaker almost 15 years ago with the goal of helping singles find love while avoiding making the same mistakes she did when re-entering the dating world after her divorce. Even in college, she was matchmaking for friends and acting as a wingwoman to help them meet like-minded individuals in social settings. She enjoyed frequenting bars, events, coffee shops, and grocery stores in order to help her friends make loving connections. Connecting people has brought her joy and she truly loves helping people meet their soulmates.

The original goal of creating KP Matchmaking was to coach clients in an effort to help them meet quality matches for loving, long-term relationships and/or marriage. Following her divorce, Kristi dated people who were not aligned with her goals and values and she simply didn’t love the life she was living. Kristi explains, “when I faced a divorce, I experienced many of the same dating issues my clients are experiencing today. I became discouraged and discovered that I really needed to redefine my personal goals and come to terms with what I was truly looking for in a relationship. From my own growth and experiences, I developed successful dating strategies to laser-focus my love life. I didn’t want to waste more time dating men who weren’t aligned with my values, interests, life, and relationship goals.”

After spending numerous years as a dating coach, her exceptional clients started asking her to introduce them to individuals who had similar interests and relationship goals. Her clients are highly successful individuals that often struggle to find the time to seek suitable partners on their own. Once Kristi realized she could help even more people find love, KP matchmaking was founded.

Ready To Find The One?

Kristi D. Price has years of experience and success matching like-minded individuals. If you’re ready to find the one, matchmaking may be right for you.

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