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We take an individualized approach to traditional matchmaking. Kristi D. Price is highly skilled and experienced in finding marriage-worthy matches for men from all walks of life. Using a thorough vetting process, Kristi provides her male clients with exceptional women that possess all of the traits that are most important to them. She has found great success in introducing men to the women of their dreams through our fun and easy process.

Why Do Men Love Working With KP Matchmaking?

Let’s be honest, dating can be brutal for many men. Most times, all of the pressure falls on the man when it comes to making the first move and guiding the interactions. Men are often ghosted without explanation. Dating as a man can be like a full-time job and can get very discouraging, very quickly.

Kristi eliminates all the guesswork that is associated with dating. We also ensure, through our interview process, that each woman you plan to meet looks like her photos and is ready for a serious relationship. During our interviews, we receive information on her value systems, hobbies, interests, religious and political views, and much more to make sure she is aligned with what you are looking for in a companion. The men we work with are busy professionals who are not only having trouble meeting a woman that suits their lifestyle, but they may also be concerned about meeting individuals who may not have the right intentions when it comes to dating them.

We play a non-judgmental and supportive role in teaching you how to successfully approach women and navigate the dating world. We also provide coaching support if you are struggling to step outside your comfort zone. It can often be intimidating for men to seek matchmaking services, being that the industry is mostly comprised of women. However, we will ensure you feel comfortable and will provide valuable insight into the woman’s mind to ensure you are learning new things throughout the entire process.


What Types Of Women Can You Introduce Me To?

When you decide to work with us, we will conduct a thorough initial interview. During this meeting, we will discuss the traits and personalities you look for in a match. What kinds of women are you physically attracted to? What kinds of interests would you like to have in common? Are you seeking marriage, kids, etc.? Once you have answered all of these questions and more, we will stop at no lengths to find the woman of your dreams.

We love to work with active, positive-minded singles. The majority of our male clients live active lifestyles and want the same in a partner. They are looking to meet someone to share life experiences with whether that’s traveling, experiencing the great outdoors, biking, walking, boating, skiing, playing tennis, or simply enjoying life to the fullest. They are looking for love with someone who is genuine, kind, appreciative, smart, positive, affectionate, and passionate about embracing life. Most of our clients are busy professionals who don’t have the time or energy to date online.

Kristi is equipped with an immense database of women who are actively seeking love. The women in our matchmaking database are vibrant and clear-sighted about who they are looking for. They are sophisticated and fun, smart, loving, caring, and know how to get out and enjoy life.

While we have an extensive database, we consistently recruit new women who may stick out as our client’s “type.” We have women who are diversified in their viewpoints, whether that is political, religious, family-related, hobbies, or interests. This way, we can confidently provide accurate matches based on mutual life and relationship perspectives and goals. Depending on how far you will travel, we can introduce you to someone in your local area or across the globe.


What Are The Most Common Dating Troubles Men Face And How Can You Help Avoid Them?

Maybe you find interested women easily on your own, but haven’t yet pinned down a successful dating strategy. We can help identify where you have gone wrong with past romantic interactions and provide solutions so that you can land that second date with ease.

Oftentimes, men have a hard time being themselves when dating. Whether it’s out of a desire to be liked, fit in, etc., women value transparency and honesty. We are available to help bring you out of your shell and be your true self around your date. We can assure you that the women you’re meeting are interested in you for you, not just your profile photo or your career.

When it comes to online dating, men often struggle. Women are quick to judge men for physical characteristics such as height, weight, style, etc. In addition, many women online experience getting bombarded with emails, and the qualified matches can get lost in the mix. Many of our male clients don’t have trouble meeting women, whether that is at a bar, event, or in daily settings. They just aren’t meeting women that are their style and aligned with their values, life and relationship goals, and interests. We are able to introduce you to women who are already interested in you and are exactly what you’re looking for.


How Do You Help Men Increase Their Success When Dating?

We have years of experience helping men overcome the stigmas and roadblocks associated with dating and ultimately find the love of their life. Whether you’re a busy professional with very little time to date, recently divorced and ready to step back into the dating scene, or just not finding the right woman no matter how hard you look, we are here to help.

We understand that dating can be extremely time-consuming and often exhausting. Between the initial introduction, the talking stage, finally meeting in person, and deciding where the connection will go next, it may seem like more than you can fit on your plate. At KP Matchmaking, we do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is go on the dates! When you work with us, we will ensure to save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on finding true love without going through all the motions!

Kristi also helps men increase their dating success and find the one by only introducing you to women who are also looking for long-term, committed relationships. By doing so, we eliminate the “so, what are we?” question and allow for complete transparency among couples. We also will only introduce you to people who are aligned with your relationship goals. For example, if you don’t want kids, we won’t introduce you to women who do. This allows more time for forming worthwhile connections and increases your chances of finding true love.


Ready To Find The One?

Kristi D. Price has years of experience helping men find the loves of their lives.

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