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Personalized Matchmaking

Our professional matchmaker helps eliminate your dating frustrations by introducing you to potential partners who are mutually aligned with your life and relationship goals. KP Matchmaking is an exclusive, high-caliber service and our ultimate goal is to introduce you to the love of your life. We have a full-service team that provides you with guidance and support throughout our entire journey together. Most people hire a matchmaker because they aren’t having any success meeting a quality partner on their own. The majority of our clients are busy professionals and would rather spend their free time doing things they love as opposed to tirelessly dating.


Our large database of exceptional, high-quality singles is crucial to our success. Without one, we would have to recruit each date, which would take a substantial amount of time. Kristi has been in business for approximately 15 years and has built an immense database of singles who have all been personally interviewed and background-checked.

Our database includes exceptional singles ranging in age from early 20s to early 70s. They are all active and positive-minded, as those are the type of clients we like to work with. All of our database members are unique in their own way when it comes to personality type, career, interests, hobbies, education, political and religious views, kids, pets, etc.

We realize our clients would not benefit from a one-size-fits-all approach, as they each desire different qualities in a person. That being said, we have created an extensive database to make sure we can provide perfect matches for each and every one of our clients. Our process is unique when compared to others because they don’t only introduce our clients to people from our database, we are constantly recruiting wonderful singles in person and online. When you work with us, you may be introduced to an existing database member, another client, or one of our new recruits. Our goal is to find you the love of your life and we vow to use every resource at our disposal to find that person. Click the button below to learn more.


Matchmaking For Men

Let’s face it. Dating has become extremely superficial. Oftentimes, dating is especially exhausting for men because they are expected to make all of the big moves. Then, when they do reach out to high-quality women, many ladies don’t respond, ghost them shortly down the line, or aren’t interested in a relationship. This long, drawn-out process can make dating seem like a second job, and it’s not a very rewarding one.

Dating can become very discouraging, very quickly, and can wreak havoc on one’s self-esteem and psyche. Men benefit from our services because we make sure to only present you with women who have what you’re looking for. Each woman is interviewed to make sure they meet your criteria, look like their photos, and is interested in meeting you. Time is money for our clients and they would rather be enjoying their free time rather than wasting it tirelessly trying to meet relationship-minded, classy women.

Since most of our men are highly successful in their careers, they desire to meet a woman who aligns with their outlook on life, shares their ideals, and values of success, We have women in our database who are laid back, glamorous, athletic, and sophisticated. Kristi D. Price has a background in executive coaching and wealth management. She has always worked in a “man’s world,” so she understands that a successful, high-powered executive or business owner doesn’t want more stress in his life. She is excellent at screening out the individuals who may be seeking a professional man for the wrong reasons. Kristi is skilled in helping relationship-minded men meet the perfect match. Click the button below to learn more.


Matchmaking For Women

Traditional dating has become a struggle for women as well, but for different reasons. Most women we meet describe being ghosted, not feeling safe when meeting strangers in person, and not meeting high-quality, relationship-minded men. For sophisticated, career-minded women it can be difficult to find someone who is emotionally available, active, financially secure, smart, and chivalrous. A good man who is honest, lives with integrity, and truly wants a long-term relationship and/or marriage is difficult to find, especially online.

KP Matchmaking has an extensive database of screened men who are relationship-minded and looking to meet a kind, smart woman to fall in love with. Every man in our database has had a video or in-person interview, so we are clear on their relationship goals and what they are looking for in a potential partner. We also know they look like their photos as we meet with them face-to-face.

Many of the women we work with have been catfished or later find out the man she was interested in doesn’t have a job or even has a criminal history. We perform background checks so you can feel safe with every man you meet through us. Thanks to Kristi, ghosting can be a thing of the past. Not only do we interview each man before we present his profile to you, but we also ensure they are interested in meeting you. We coordinate schedules and plan the date for you so there is no time wasted. When we plan the date, the men show up and are excited to meet you. Click the button below to learn more.



When you work with us, you work one-on-one with Kristi who becomes your personal guide to finding the love of your life. You will receive a personalized, confidential service that alleviates the stress and eliminates the hours spent searching for the one. You will meet matches who have been screened, background checked, and are mutually aligned with your life and relationship goals. Through our process and support, we assure you that each date will meet your standards, allowing you to relax and enjoy meeting new people. After each date, you will receive constructive and non-judgmental feedback which is vital to helping you increase your success. Additionally, it helps us refine our search and introduce you to more qualified individuals. The post-date interview helps us get to know you even better and prepare you for future dates so you can find love in a quick, easy, and efficient manner!

We have an extremely high success rate for matching individuals who have found long-term relationships or marriages. We attribute our success to taking the time to get to know our clients and finding their ideal match by defining mutual value systems, hobbies/interests, lifestyles, education levels, religion, politics, and more.

Most of our clients are highly accomplished individuals who have achieved success throughout most areas of their lives. Now, they’re looking for someone to share it all with. Our clients don’t have the time or desire to engage in exhausting online dating. Many times our clients meet people easily, they just aren’t meeting the right people. Click the button below to find more FAQs.


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