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Addictions to alcohol and drugs have notoriously been the downfall of relationships but social media has also become an addiction that is ruining relationships. Did we get enough “likes”? Do we have enough FB friends and followers on Instagram etc.? We check our social media at nauseum for immediate validation and when we receive it […]

The most high volume months for holiday break-ups are November, December and the beginning of February. Why? There is a lot of pressure from family, gift giving and overall re-evaluation of one’s relationship. A holiday breakup can be so devastating because of the time off and the unavoidable questions surrounding the breakup. Don’t ignore your […]

When do you have sex when dating? I get asked this question every week, and there are no rules about this but there are recommendations. If you want to connect with a person and see where things go for a long-term relationship, it is best to wait until you know each other enough to communicate […]

Here are a few questions to ask before marriage. These questions also apply to those who are thinking about getting into a serious long term relationship with someone. Ready for a Consultation? Click here to schedule today! Ask me any questions you might have about dating and relationships. Kristi Price

Summer is here! Where do you meet other singles? Summer is here! Where do you meet other singles? It is way more fun to meet other singles doing activities or sports you enjoy. It’s a fantastic way to directly meet other singles, and new friends, who have similar interests. You’re also able to determine if […]

How to spot red flags when dating: The second scenario is a partner who feels needed by constantly fulfilling your needs at nauseam. This style is all about you. They dote on you every moment, they want to take care of you and coddle you like you aren’t self sufficient, they buy things and/or are constantly […]

When meeting women in public, or on dates, you must have a killer first Impression. What does this mean? For starters, you need to dress to impress, walk with confidence and have great posture. As you walk, look around and make eye contact with people and smile. Now that you’ve mastered how to own the […]

Cougars and their cubs. In an age where older women are more beautiful, self confident, and career driven then ever, they are choosing younger men for companionship and perhaps a more, energetic, fulfilling sex life. I think it’s wonderful that the tables have turned and women have the same opportunities as men do in terms […]

Many men I work with have no problem getting a first date, but have a tough time transitioning to the second date. Sometimes they are put immediately into the friend zone. Other times, they may just be killing the attraction through actions and/or the conversation. Sometimes there is just no romantic connection, period. Here are […]

Are you sabotaging dates? Do you run through a battery of questions and tell your date what you’re looking for on a first date? Or, do you talk about your EX at nauseum? Some suggest that you should be completely honest about all past relationships out of the gate. They also tell you that if […]