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Personal Stylists Offering Image Consulting

In a world where first impressions are everything, you only have a few seconds to make a good one. KP Matchmaking can help you make a strong first impression and feel confident while going on dates. Whether you need help picking an outfit or a full-blown closet overhaul, our team of consultants offer a wide variety of style consulting services to ensure you put your best foot forward when leaping into the dating world.

What Is Style Consulting?

We offer top-tier style consulting. Our team of extremely talented consultants have years of experience transforming people into the best versions of themselves, allowing them to feel and look their best when entering the dating scene. They are knowledgeable about the fashion industry, designers, and current trends. Our consultants are also skilled in makeup artistry and can provide recommendations for the most flattering hairstyle.

Our team is skilled in bringing out your best features and highlighting your personality, rather than changing who you are. Based on your style goals, we can offer advice about how you present yourself and the kind of people you may attract with your current appearance. Your personal style consultant will take your lifestyle, career, figure, age, and more into consideration when working with you to enhance your look.

A strong sense of self-confidence can change the way you see yourself, as well as those around you. When you seek our services, we are available to help uncover your true style and help you properly portray it while dating. Style consulting can be an extremely valuable tool when it comes to becoming the best version of yourself and reaching your full potential. Style consulting can help clients feel comfortable, find what flatters them most, bring out their best features, and more.

What Style Consulting Services Do You Offer?

We partner with the best style consultants so that you can feel confident and own every room you enter. After receiving style consulting, you will have the confidence to knock your date off their feet and into your arms. Our style consulting services are all-encompassing. This being said, we offer style services ranging from closet analysis and cleanout, personal shopping, hair and makeup pointers, personal fitness, nutrition advice, and more.

One of the most requested services offered is a complete style overhaul. During this process, one of our highly-qualified style consultants will go through your closet with you. Together, the two of you can determine what you feel best in, what you need more of, and what you should avoid. Then, after a deep analysis of your current wardrobe, you can go on a shopping excursion together if deemed necessary.

Another popular service we offer is personal shopping. Oftentimes, busy professionals are in need of a wardrobe upgrade simply because they can’t find the time to go out and shop on their own. We offer personal shopping services to those who are faced with this dilemma. During this process, your personal shopper will discuss your style and dating goals in depth to develop an understanding of how you’d like to present yourself. Then, they will go out and do the hard part for you!

We also offer personal training and nutrition guidance. We work with some of the best personal trainers and nutritionists that can help you tone up, lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, etc., in order to get you on the path to complete self-confidence. Our personal trainers and nutrition experts will provide you with the best possible program suited to your specific needs and wants. You can choose from a number of programs that vary by daily, weekly, or monthly meetings.

How Do I Know If I Need Style Consulting?

Singles seek style consulting for many reasons. Most notably, many of our style consulting clients seek these services because they don’t know what to wear on their dates. Our style consultants are available to work with you collaboratively to get you looking and feeling your best when you meet up with your matches.

Additionally, many clients seek these services out of a longing to gain more confidence. Sometimes all it takes is a new haircut and outfit to have you feeling like a new and improved version of yourself, which is the goal of our consultants. When you work with us, you will build a renewed sense of self-confidence that is authentic and noticeable to those around you.

On the other hand, some clients seek style consulting to help adapt to lifestyle changes. After all, we grow and change constantly as humans, why shouldn’t our style? Whether the lifestyle change is a new relationship, job, home, etc., our consultants are equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge to help your style match your life.


How Does Style Consulting Help Me Find My Match?

When dating, especially online, it’s often misconstrued that looks are everything. While physical appearance does play a part in the process, it isn’t everything. Our services have been curated with the goal of not only making you look good, but allowing you to feel good, too. When you feel good about yourself you’re more likely to be comfortable during your dates and allow your true personality to shine through, which is monumental when it comes to creating connections.

Our team is available to organize your closet and help you choose the best outfit(s) for your specific date, whether that be going on a hike, getting dinner, visiting a museum, seeing a show, or just grabbing coffee. Whatever the date may be, we have you covered. Feel like you don’t have anything to wear? Not to worry, we will take you shopping. We will help you create your own style, one that makes you feel like a million bucks. Together, we will create a personal brand that you will love.

With the help of style consulting, you can find the confidence that will allow you to carry on meaningful conversations, make the first move, create a romantic connection, and ultimately find the love of your life.


Ready To Find The One?

At KP Matchmaking, our style consultants will have you looking and feeling your best on every date. If you’re looking to find a renewed sense of confidence or re-vamp your wardrobe, style consulting is right for you.

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